We ended with a home run!

We ended with a home run!

What a fantastic week we have had! People from 5 different states came together and formed 1big heart to serve the people of Honduras. . Through lots of tears yesterday, we all said our “see ya laters”.. . . We don’t say goodbyes because we know we will see each other again.


It is always interesting and intriguing to see what kind of personalities are together on a trip. . What kind of relationships will be formed. . Who will bond with who. . Both inside the group and with the Hondurans. .


This sweet group was amazing with their wide open hearts and their gifts of love. . They came so prepared with amazing VBS’s and lots of crafts, t-shirts and toys for the kids. . . Everyday the kids received something to play with. . Some sort of item to exemplify Christ or to show His love. . Everyday the bonds of love got stronger and tighter. . It was a sweet witness of who we are born to be. . Servants and lovers of the orphans and the poor. . This team made being here so much fun. . So much joy overflowing. . They will be missed. . The people of Honduras will be anxious for their return. .



We had lots of teenagers on this trip who played so hard with all of the kids. . Their sweet spirits filled with energy were anticipated daily as the kids in each village, church and at the orphanage surrounded the vans waiting for the doors to open. . It is indescribable . . One of the moms said last night. . The kids made us feel like rock stars every time we walked up. .


And. . We had music! . . . One of our team members, John, brought a guitar and donated it to H2H. . He and Alex (one of our H2H leaders) picked and lead us in worship songs, country songs and even some oldies several nights while we were here. . Oh what joy and peace music brings to a group. . To sit with our eyes closed in worship and thankfulness for all that a God is doing. . The hearts He has merged. . The doors He has opened. . The faith He has renewed. . The desires to serve He has strengthened. . The bonds that are forever etched on our hearts. . Music seems to allow us to revel in it all. .


Yes. . This week was our final summer team. . And it was definitely a home run!


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