Barrio Suyapa

Barrio Suyapa is a community where we built a learning center and a home for the Director Pastor Carlos.  We have 30 kids in our Restoration Education Program from that community along with a children’s ministry serving about 100 kids.  We also offer free tutoring for the children in our Restoration Education Program who are in private and bi-lingual schools.

Nutrition Center

A monthly crib sponsorship will support the Nutrition Center in El Progreso, Honduras that intervenes to save the lives of children that are severely ill and often close to death due to malnutrition and neglect.


The donations will be used to purchase the necessities like diapers, clothing, wipes, formula, and vitamins. We will also purchase toys and safety products so they can have more physical interaction and mental stimulation. Long-term goals include hiring local physical and occupational therapists to provide the specialized care and rehabilitation that the children desperately need.


Copprome Orphanage 

Your donation will provide monies for tuition, uniforms, supplies, books and backpacks for the children of Copprome Orphanage. This fund is set up for all levels of education including University and Trade Schools.


h2h funds an English teacher to come to Copprome weekly to teach the children English. This is a huge asset for the children’s future!


Love and Learn 21

Love and Learn 21 is a groundbreaking education program for people with Down syndrome we began in 2016.  We are very excited about changing the hearts and minds of the people in El Progreso! This program has been a huge success and we are thrilled with the results! We use two classrooms at The Stanza Bi-Lingual school and are starting to integrate some of the children into the classrooms with typically developing students. 

The Shane Tarleton Scholarship Fund

Your donation to The Shane Tarleton Scholarship Fund will provide the children of El Progreso, Honduras the opportunity to receive one of the most fundamental human rights: an education. One hundred percent of the funds donated here will cover ground transportation to and from school as well as the required school uniforms, textbooks and tuition.