Our Team



One of the founders of H2H, trip and travel coordinator. Rhonda has a passion for loving on the people of Honduras and a zest for life. You will love traveling with her.



The other founder of H2H, trip leader and interpreter. Shelton loves life and has a crazy and witty sense of humor. You will enjoy traveling with him.

pastor allan cropped

Pastor Allan

Pastor Allan serves as our outreach pastor. He visits communities around El Progreso and assesses the needs of each community. Pastor Allan serves as the pastor for the Rock of Salvation Church in El Progreso.



Our administrator on the ground in Honduras keeping up with school tuition payments and working with h2h to plan trips. Gabi works as the English tutor at Copprome Orphanage and assesses the children’s needs there. She is feisty and loves meeting new people. You will  enjoy getting to know her.



Gabriel is the director of the Love and Learn 21 program and also a teacher in the LL21 classroom. He loves working with groups as an interpreter and helps to plan activities during group trips. He has the voice of an angel and you will love his sweet spirit!


Pastor Carlos

Pastor Carlos is our Suyapa childrens pastor and oversees the Will Smith Learning Center. You will love his passion for teaching the children that God has huge plans for their futures.  He impacts all who meet him!

juan portillo cropped

Pastor Juan

Pastor Juan serves as pastor at the Spanish-speaking Church of God on the island of Utila, Honduras. He is the facility coordinator for our medical mission trips to the island. He is a joy to be around and has an unmatched spiritual awareness that he shares with everyone he meets.