Utila medical clinic. . 1 year in the making!

Utila medical clinic. . 1 year in the making!

1 year ago, we visited the tiny island of Utila for the first time. It was a trip for our Honduras team/ family to relax after a busy summer of mission trips. We had no idea how much our hearts would be drawn to the people there.
By all appearances, Utila looks like a thriving tourist spot. . Number 2 best diving in the world. . People from all over the world come and get certified. . Great food. . Friendly people. . And a relaxed all natural environment. . . Until you venture to the center of the island where a group of 3,000 poor people live. . No government help. . Very few jobs. . Lots of sickness. . Our heart went out to these sweet people who have no place to go and not many places to work. When we asked what their greatest need was. . Medical care. . .

So. . Here we are. . The year of planning and praying has been worth it. . We have an amazing team here with us. . Who have fallen in love with this island too! We have restaurant owners, pastors, lots of locals and lots of US transplants that are so excited that we are here.

Today was such a sweet day. . Families coming in. . Getting vitamins and meds. . Seeing the Docs and nurses and dentist . . The sweet pastor who basically was in charge of the whole thing did an amazing job. . Locals were coming by and thanking him. . The local TV station was there doing interviews and encouraging him. .

I cannot say enough about the medical team who came. . You can see the kindness in their eyes as they listen to the patients needs and love on the kids. . Their sweet smiles and energetic work ethic is a blessing to be a part of. . And we have 2 more clinic days ahead. . . It’s just awesome!


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