Shelton’s news!!!

Shelton’s news!!!

Well, my son, Shelton has come home from Honduras for a couple of weeks to get supplies, clothes and materials he needs to continue serving as a missionary for Hearts2Honduras!!! We begin taking our Mission Teams this next week and will be building the homes in Mt Olivos and serving at Copprome Orphanage!! He has raised his support for 8 months but still needs some help to cover the rest.  His goal is to be there for at least a year…but it could take 2 years to complete the 27 homes! Below is his newsletter:

Hey Everyone,

            Thanks again for all your prayers and financial support, it is making a huge impact in my life and the lives hundreds of people in Honduras.  Hopes of a long and flourishing community are becoming stronger daily due to the constant support and prayers of everyone.  The building process has been a rollercoaster ride to say the least.  We have run into quite a few snags with the municipality and their donations to our projects.  When doing God’s work though nothing is ever going to come easy, if it did then we would forget to rely on Him.  As for the houses, three and four are on their way up and nearly completed a long with the carpentry shop.  I think that our first group, June 3rd– 10th, will be just in time to break ground on houses five and six.  We also have now got the women underway with making bracelets. Being the first real job these ladies have ever had, the ladies are learning a lot more than just how to make bracelets.  They are beginning to understand the responsibilities and discipline that come with

 employment.  As our second group comes we will be beginning the building of the tilapia farm in hopes that the selling of the fish will serve as a large source of income for the community of Olivos.  Please continue your prayers for this community and the whole country of Honduras.  We have a long road ahead of us through this next year, but we are ready to take on the many challenges that await us.

            Copprome Orphanage is doing well.  Their constant needs are the money to feed, clothe, educate and medically take care of the 42 kids living there.  Our ministry supports them monthly by providing the money for the electricity, education and for part of the food needed.  We are praying that by the end of 2012 we can cover the cost of all of the food needed.  Thank you again for your continuing prayers and support!  To donate or gather information…go to our website …you will see updates, blogs and photos of our teams beginning next week!!    Thanks again,  Shelton Wicks
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