Rockin and Rollin!

Rockin and Rollin!

Wow. . Today was one of those days that was so busy, it just flew by! We arrived at Olivos this morning and most of the men in the village were already working on the church and the final houses. . It was so exciting to drive up and see that much excitement! We had part of our team digging footings and part of our team tying rebar. . Things were smooth and consistent!

This team jumped in and worked hard all day. . No complaining. . Just working. . And boy was it hot. . . A lot was accomplished as we worked alongside the families in the village!

The afternoon at Copprome Orphanage was sweet also. . We have 5 sponsor families with us this trip and it is really sweet watching them have time together!

We also have a senior college student who will be staying at Copprome after this team leaves to serve the entire summer. . She has already stepped in and feels comfortable at the village and at Copprome! She is going to be a huge blessing for all of them this summer!

This team is making a huge mark here just after 1 full day. . I am looking forward to the next 6 days. . God is giving us glimpses of His power and plans as we continue to serve Him. .

I have lots to share with all of you. . Great things are just around the corner!



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