Rainy day turned into a crazy day!

Rainy day turned into a crazy day!

What was supposed to be a normal work day. . . became something entirely different. . it was a grim and rainy day here in El Progresso. . mixing concrete and rain? . . they just don’t work well together. .  so. . plan B . . Ty and I made a quick decision to do what we could. .
VBS was already on the schedule for Olivos and Copprome. . and. . we had already planned to fit the kids at Olivos in their new school uniforms donated by Soles4Souls and new flip flops donated by 147 Million Orphans. . . so. . here is what we did:
We set up the school uniforms and began fitting the kids. . they came in so excited to get clothing that actually still had tags on it. . they knew these pieces of clothing were donated specifically for them. . (they get a lot of used clothing. . we buy them new clothes at Christmas. . but this felt different . . the pride of their new school was showing through) They were so proud of their new uniforms and flip flops!

Then we brought them all in and Kim lead them in a great story about trusting Jesus. .  the feeding of the 5 thousand. . the craft was a necklace they made with foam fish and pasta (represent the loaves). They wore those neclaces proudly!

We then went to Copprome to do the same VBS there and do a birthday party for March and April birthdays. We had ice cream and cookies and celebrated Delmy and Erika’s birthdays. It was a sweet afternoon of just loving on the kids and not being in a hurry to go somewhere else. . then Nate had an idea! We have a tarp. . lets get some soap. . and have a slip n slide in the rain! AND that is exactly what we did. . 2 hours of slipping and sliding. . it was hysterical. . all ages participated and we had dirt and grass and soap all over our bodies and in our hair. . a day we will never forget. . the younger Copprome kids were cheering and laughing. . such a fun and impromptu kind of day. . sometimes those are the best. . unplanned and filled with lots of little blessings!
We ended the day with dinner at the hotel, a great devo and treats from Baskin Robbins!

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