Paths intentionally crossed?

Paths intentionally crossed?

Today was a day filled with hard work and some unexpected joy! We worked at Olivos pouring the footings on Vanessa and Jorge’s house. After lunch Crystal did a VBS for the Olivos kids and then we finished the footings as it was beginning to rain. .

Then back to the hotel for showers and some much needed rest. . Then off to Copprome for VBS. . We then headed to Pizza Hut for dinner before going to a children’s church in Suyapa.


20140606-234748-85668715.jpgow! What started out as a normal work day. . Ended with a day filled with unexpected blessings. . We drove to an area that seemed dark and almost deserted. . As we exited the vans with zero expectations. . What we found was a room full of kids. . Quiet. . Obedient. . Well mannered filled with joy. . And so excited that we were there. . The pastor said he had been praying for 2 years for a group to come and help them. .

It all started with a simple hello and nod of the head by Shelton in the mall parking lot. . Where we buy groceries. . And other items we need. . Julio. . A security guard there and Shelton began to discuss why he was in Honduras. . This all lead to tonight. . You see Julio and his brother started this church. . Filled with kids. . And they love this community. . And after tonight. . I see why. . The pastor introduced all of us to the kids. . As Shelton translated, he prayed for us and the kids joined in. . It was powerful. . Then we all sang. . They learned our names and began to chant for different ones of us to lead a song. . By the end of the night, we were all laughing and singing. . And then. . I look up and I see a very familiar face. . And we both start hugging and jumping up and down. . It is Laney. . Who owns the shop we buy bulk items from for Copprome in town. . I have been buying from them for at least 2 years. . We always hug and talk about family as I make the list for her sweet husband to deliver to Copprome. . Twice a month. . He does it free because he likes what we do. . We are there. . In her village at her church. . I was amazed . . amazed that this lady who I love working with is now standing before me thanking me for being there. .. Then I am reminded that this is no accident. . Our relationship is fixing to take on a whole new meaning. . And I am absolutely thrilled. . What was once a business relationship has just entered a whole different comfort zone. . Some of the first words out of the pastors mouth was that he believes that making a difference in Honduras must start with the children. . We showed him the back of our shirts. . Breaking the circle of poverty one child at a time. . And he said I have been on my knees praying for this. .

I am not sure what the future holds for the partnership of this church and h2h. . But I know it will be special!


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