March. . New experiences!

March. . New experiences!

As I sit on the plane, I find myself really super excited about this visit to Honduras! My dear friend, Shane is with me and this trip will be about checking in on all of our projects. . But also taking the H2H team on the  ground in El Progreso on a mini vacay!! We are flying to Tegucigalpa Sunday. . The Capitol of Honduras! It is for a trip to the embassy. . but also a few days to relax and enjoy our time together! The option was a 7 hour bus ride through the mountains. . Or a 50 minute flight. . . Gabby, Gabriel, and Alex (our Honduras team) have never flown before. . There is something magical and sweet about being with them on their “first time experiences.”  All of you probably understand what I mean. . The look in their eyes. . The excitement on their faces as they get to experience  new things. . The FIRST time. . Even little things like the first taste of chocolate and the first time to go to the playground to slide or swing. . I can’t help but think about my 2 precious granddaughters and the sweet “new” things I get to experience with them. . Oh what delight it brings me to see them all so happy. . . . 

I can only imagine how God delights in us the same way. . When we follow The path He designed for us. . . .

 and the joy we receive from the new experiences He gives us! At almost 55 years old. . I feel giddy with excitement over this trip!

  • Gerald
    Posted at 13:30h, 21 March Reply

    Its amazing what we take for granted. I sure wish I was there for the “first flight”.

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