Love like a child

Love like a child

This trip has been filled with child like joy. . From the moment our vans pulled into Olivos the kids surrounded us all and immediately poured out their unconditional love. . They have no idea what your past is or what bad decisions you might have made. . All they know is that you have come to serve and to give a week to them. . And they already love you for it.


The trip to Copprome Orphanage daily provides us all with even more of the same. . Kids who need attention and just want you to give of your time. . It doesn’t matter if you are playing a game with them or just hanging out hugging and smiling. . Using sign language or butchering the little bit of Spanish you may know. . It all boils down to the fact that you are giving your time to a group of kids that yearn for it. . . It is really not that different from your kids at home. . That is. . If you have 43 in your household. . How would you be able to give them all the daily attention that they need. . That they deserve?


Then there is the church of Suapa. . A children’s church God has just recently added to our ministry. . The love oozes out of them the moment you get out of the vans. . With a pastor that is obvious in his child like joy. . He dances with them. . Sings with them. . Hugs on them. . And more importantly. . Reflects Jesus through him. . You can see the joy through his eyes and his actions. . Child like. . Yet sincere and filled with wisdom. . This new addition of our ministry is like a sweet breath of fresh air. . That delights everyone who enters their gates. .
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The World Cup has also been a very cool part of this trip! We went to a restaurant to watch Honduras play and were surrounded by Honduras jerseys and smiles and loud cheering. . No worries. . We all had our Honduras jerseys on and were cheering loudly too. . We all wished they could have won. . These people definitely have our hearts.


Then yesterday the hotel threw us a big party for the USA game! We had the game on a big screen and catered food . . It was delicious. . Oh and we did find USA jerseys too! When our 2 goals were scored we all screamed and jumped up and down. . It was exciting. . Not so much when Portugal tied us. . But the experience was amazing. .
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If you have never experienced the kind of joy I am referring to. . The kind Jesus talks about. . Allowing yourself to love like a child. . Come with us and see it first hand. . You will be forever changed and renewed. .

  • Angela Nguyen
    Posted at 08:14h, 15 December Reply

    Hello Honduras! I’m 18 and currently living in Sydney, Australia. This campaign has caught my attention and I would love to be apart of this wonderful and loving supportive organisation. The amount of love that is given to the children and their family is spectacular and I wish them with all my heart all the love and happiness this world has to offer them. Everyone that has volunteer is doing such an amazing job and I hope to be participating in the near future. Much love for all the children and helpers/organisers of this campaign! #Hearts2Honduras #Love2Love #Love4Love

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