Let us not grow weary of doing good….

Let us not grow weary of doing good….

med team Oct 2015
I haven’t had much time to blog this year. . But I do have plenty of great things to blog about! I am on a plane right now returning from an amazing medical trip! Two of our dedicated and faithful nurses from TX, Amy(taking a travel nurse position so she can do more mission work) and Megan(entering NP school next month, soon to be a Dr on our trips) stepped up to begin raising money for our medical supplies and helping to lead our medical trips!! They really did a great job and we are so excited about the medical team God has put together!! Dr Jim continues to be our leader for the dental side and Dr Riley is our medical advisor and expert!! We have a pharmacist joining us next year and our team of nurses continues to grow! We were thankful to have our male nurse Gabe join us for his second trip and his testimony is amazing! He was saved 15 years ago with a kidney transplant from a 19 year old and continues to give back by going on medical trips 3 or 4 times a year! We also added some non medical team members this year and they did a great job checking the patients in and doing triage! It was a well oiled machine with the team members all working tirelessly to meet the needs of the people. Utila is excited about us continuing to help this poor community of 3000+ get healthier! Thank you Dr Ron, Denise, Nate, Annette, Katrina, Maggie, Katherine and Gerald for completing this team and making it a special experience! Also a big thank you to Jana Kramer and Colgate for donating toothbrushes and toothpaste for all of the families!!

We added a few new trip perks for 2015 including a mission trip “add on” to the beautiful island of Utila. So we now travel to Utila 4 times a year! In April and October for the medical brigade, and June and July for a few days of relaxation and ministry after a week of building and ministering in Progreso. . This was a positive “add on” and we will continue these trips in 2016!
Pastor Juan and family

This has been a huge year of growth with the relationships deepening in Utila. . Our H2H family continues to grow as God increases our territory and deepens our bonds with the people there. Pastor Juan and his family are so important to us! They love so freely without borders or judgements. He truly lives in the Spirit. . We have watched him continually love the way Jesus did when He was on earth. . He plays soccer with the people in Campanado, takes food to the needy and stands against corruption in government and business when he sees it. He and his wife Jackie are fun and entertaining. . Just sitting in their small den telling jokes and laughing with Shelton interpreting is one if my favorite parts of our trips. His church congregation is small. . But he turns up the praise music so the whole village can hear us worshipping and praising our Lord. . It is refreshing and cleansing to be there with the people who have so little. . But love so big. . They truly depend on God for their joy and. . . He delivers it so well.

Our mission teams this year have served the people of Honduras with so much love and hard work. From finishing the learning center, that services over 100 children, to building a large house for our director, Pastor Carlos, giving out over 150 lbs of clothing, spending over 80 hours loving on the kids of Copprome, to treating about 1000 people in our medical clinics, giving out over 48,000 vitamins, over 700 parasite meds and 800 toothbrushes and toothpaste, not to mention all of the birthday parties, soccer games, Bible stories and skits….. It has been awesome! And we still have 2 more teams traveling in 2015!

Our team members are so great at jumping in and helping us organize, coming up with new ideas and plans, and speaking affirmations over our ministry sites. . Our H2H family keeps growing and I know that God is pleased!! There is always more to be done and more space for new team members. . . So Shelton and I will continue being faithful in our calling and going through every door God opens, because we know that: God is good all the time (from the words of Pastor Carlos) and He loves His children in Honduras the same way He loves the rest of the world. .
Carlos house

In the words of our sweet friend Pastor Juan. . Let us not grow weary of doing good!

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