Last day. . It is well!

Last day. . It is well!

This is the third time I have written this post!! For some reason…It will never save!! Hopefully it will work this time!  Our final day in Honduras began with half of the team going to Olivos to finish a project and the other half to the grocery store to buy food for the Olivos families…frozen whole chickens, flour, corn meal, sugar, salt, coffee, matches, cooking oil, candy for the kids……then we bagged it all up and headed to Olivos for our final VBS and a fiesta!!! We had a great time with 2 pinata’s…..there are so many kids…Shelton said if we only have 1 some of the kids would not get a turn to bat at it!!! He was right….with 2…they all participated…even Tino!!!  We had a great time and lots of tears were shed as we said goodbye ….by our team and by the families in Olivos…they were so humbled that a group of 20 people would come out for a week and work so hard in the heat to dig footings and shovel concrete!!! Lola (our interpreter) told the ladies in the community that they needed to get out there with their men and work like the American women were doing!!! haha!!! Most of the people in our group said they had never in their life sweated so much….I say….God gave us sweat glands to flush the impurities out of our bodies….we should all be pure now!!!

We left there…got showers…ran to the mall for a quick lunch and then off to Copprome to give the kids their new flip flops and take them to the pool!!! It was so much fun to swim with all of them!!! Think about your youngest child jumping off the edge of the pool to you x 20 kids!!! Watching them get daring enough to go into the big pool and jump to you is so precious!!! We even taught a few of them to swim!!! The older kids went and played soccer in the indoor arena we rented for 1.5 hours…It was  a great afternoon!!!!

We ended the day with a nice dinner and celebrated Crystal, one of our team member’s birthday!! It was a fantastic last full day!!  As I looked around my hotel room before I turned out the light. . .Gaby, Gabriel and Shelton were all asleep…bellies full…worn out from laughing so hard at dinner. . all I could think about was how blessed we are…..It is well……
Sunday morning we got up…ate breakfast and headed to Copprome to do our final VBS and say goodbye… again…lots of tears were shed…but lots of new sponsors and relationships were formed!!!! Team #1 was a perfect group to start off the summer missions season…Thank you all for pouring your love into the people of Honduras through hard work and lots of hugs and smiles…I love every one of you for sharing your week with us….Olivos and Copprome will be better places to live because of you!

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