January Mission Team Day #1

January Mission Team Day #1

Our day began at 4:00 am at 3 different airports. . . 10 excited hearts to go and serve! Some had rough flights. . One medical emergency on board (not on our team). . But. . . We made it on time and we were excited to be in Honduras!

After checking in at Casa Blanca Hotel, we had lunch at Baleada Express and headed to Olivos and Copprome for hugs and kisses!

It is always so exciting the first time they see you drive up. . When you get out of the van and your eyes meet theirs. . . The smiles. . The outstretched arms. . The excitement they feel knowing you came back. . You really DID! You said you would and you did! Precious unforgetable moments. .

The people of Honduras are a blessing and a joy to work with. . They always bless us way more than we can ever bless them. . . They are humble. . Generous. . Loving. . Appreciative. . I always pray their sweet spirit will rub off on us. . . And. . I think it sometimes does!


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