January 2014 trip blog #3

January 2014 trip blog #3

Wow! The last 4 days have been a whirlwind! Our group of 10 turned into 15 and we worked like crazy singing. . .serving .. . and loving.  Jana Kramer and her crew rolled in on Sunday to bring some beautiful music and spread more love in Honduras!
The Knoxville and Oklahoma team members did an fantastic job with VBS and sharing treats and goodies with the kids at Olivos and at Copprome! It has been an amazing week. . . so many people with so many talents. . . All of them bringing joy to everyone they come in contact with. .
It is awesome to have 5 high school seniors here to see their interaction and joy as they play with and love on the kids. . .
Saying goodbye is always tough. . 5 of our group left yesterday with tears flowing and the rest left today. .  . So tears began yesterday morning as they said goodbye to Olivos and then Copprome. . . But. . All promising to return. . . So it is not goodbye. . It is “see ya later”!

 We spent yesterday afternoon buying food for Copprome and then delivering it to them. The Knoxville group collected bottle caps and painted them with the alphabet so the kids could practice spelling and create games with them! They were all so excited when they received them!

So now.  . . . Shelton and I will spend the next few days buying uniforms, shoes, backpacks and school supplies for Copprome! Their school starts in February. . So it is back to school shopping for us with 44 kids! Woohoo. . So blessed to be able to do this!


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