January 2014 mission trip post #2

January 2014 mission trip post #2

Today was an amazing day! This past September. .  Tino, the President of Olivos asked me if we could do a feeding program for the children in Olivos. . He was concerned that some of the kids there were not getting enough food.

Now. . Only a humble sweet man would be concerned about other children that live on their street. . How many of us even know the children on our streets? Are they being mistreated, under fed, under loved? Do we care? Should we? Are we really responsible for other people’s children? What if we are too nosey? But. . . What if we are too busy?
Today we were blessed to begin a feeding program for 65 kids 16 years and under. . . They will be fed Monday through Friday lunch. . They all have their own bowls and sporks (yes a spoon with prongs. . A spork). .  with their names on them. . So precious. . So sweet. . So blessed. .

Tomorrow. . We add 5 more people to our team. . We are excited for them to arrive! We ended our wonderful day with dinner at Power Chicken (an amazing seafood restaurant), devo and praise and worship time. . . . Gabriel singing I Can Only Imagine. . . And as I write. . The electricity is out. . We are all in the lobby with another group. . A college age guy is playing the guitar and singing 90’s music. . We are all singing along. . Haha. . . You never know how your day will end in Honduras! Blessed to be serving and loving!



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