Isn´t that how?

Isn´t that how?

We are here! We arrived 1 hour late…but as we walked into the greeting area of the airport yesterday….3 very special people were there with tears in their eyes waiting to hug us! I can´t even descibe how it feels to see Sister Teresita, Nando (driver who we love), and Gaby (my Honduran daughter) just anxiously standing there… love just oozing out of them…isn´t that how we should all act toward those we love?

I started a tradition of celebrating birthdays at the orphanage everytime I come for those who have birthdays in the months between visits. We do the ´´American Birthday Celebration´´ with pizza or hamburgers we grill, cake, (sometimes ice cream if available) candles, song and hugs. I bring them a small gift with some kind of cross or reminder of our God who introduced us and who will always be with us even when we are apart. They are so excited and thrilled amazes me how doing something so small means so much to them.  Isn´t that how we should all react to things people do for us…no matter how big or small?

We sat with a native Roatan man on the plane and he told me about a place who will dig a well at the village we want to help with! How cool  is it that one of the reasons for my trip was to try to find a local company who could drill the well and it happened before I even got here?! That is so how He rolls! So today we go and talk to that company and then to the US Embassy to make sure we do everything correctly for a few of the kids to come and visit this December and….. eventually come to the States for college!

Yes, these people teach me so much about joy, love, humility and contentment…I love EVERY second I spend in this place!! AND…I cannot wait to bring 70 people here this summer to experience it and to serve these special people who have impacted me in ways that are indescribable…
Isn´t that what we are all supposed to do?

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