I can’t believe it’s time!

I can’t believe it’s time!

This is the day I have been praying about for over a year! I knew God had it all worked out. . But I just wasn’t sure of His timing. .

Tomorrow is the big day! I can’t even put into words how excited I am. . Our first service in the church of Olivos. . Joined with a wedding ceremony for 11 couples. . Wow. . A huge fiesta with music and dancing will follow!

The team that is here are dear friends of mine from church. . A perfect team to celebrate this new beginning in Olivos! A partnership of a church in Franklin, TN with a new church plant in El Progreso, Honduras. . What a sweet beginning for a group of 30 families who have worked so hard to build their community the past 2 years. . The partnership of several nonprofits from the US and a humble community president have helped this village succeed. . The joy, laughter and smiles you now see when you enter the village are contagious. .

I can hardly wait until tomorrow when I can share with you the photos of this sweet day. .


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