His agenda always reigns!

His agenda always reigns!

Wow! This has been such a great trip with lots of things accomplished! The first 5 days we spent with one of our friends, Shane, who has agreed to fund the English program for Copprome! We spent lots of time buying furniture, books, and necessities for the classroom. He also brought lots of donated supplies from his friends in the US….We spent time with Julie, the lead teacher, and were able to get so excited about her plans for the classes. We were able to sit in on the 3 classes Sunday as she and Camilla (the other teacher) taught conversational English…..it was so exciting watching the kids learn to speak it!! Some were shy…others very bold…but I was VERY impressed at how fast they are learning….oh to be young again with a fresh brain to remember the words so well…my Spanish is slow….I know enough to be dangerous…but have lots of fun trying and laughing at my attempts!

Shane has also become a padrino to one of the Copprome kids…so he was able to spend lots of great time with him this past weekend. It is so special to watch a padrino or madrina with their kids when they get one on one time with them…
Bringing groups is awesome, but it is harder to plan personal one on one time with the Copprome kids…..so this trip has been truly special.

We took Shane to the airport yesterday and I have an entire week here…. for Shelton and I to get everything set up and organized for the summer trips that begin in May!
Today….we had an agenda….to accomplish some things at Copprome and Olivos….but last night….late…we had a visitor at the mission house….it was a former Copprome teen that needed help…he spent the night with us….and Shelton said “this is much more important than what we had planned”….he is so right… It is sweet for me to watch him do what he does best….help and counsel…this sweet boy had some troubles that he needed to confront and fix….I was hugging him last night as he cried in my arms…I can’t help but feel so sad that he felt he had no one to turn to…but oh so thankful he felt like our mission house was a safe place full of help and love…this is such an important place of acceptance for these teens that want to fix their lives..that want to have a future…that are really great kids with good hearts…but no guidance…it is not their fault that the adults in their lives are irresponsible and nonconcerned …So Shelton spent the entire day taking him to houses to repair relationships by truth and humble words….teaching him that truth, asking forgiveness, and respecting those we hurt enough to not make the same mistakes again…..It is hard being a teenager without parents….please pray for these sweet teens here….there are those that are not ready to change their lives…and those who just abuse what they are given and don’t want to truly accept help. . .but for those who are ready…we want to help!

I am enjoying living at the mission house with my kids….watching their daily lives and enjoying being a part of it all…The last 2 years have been so busy that I have not had the time to just relax and enjoy being a part of their daily routines…


Cooking dinner…watching movies at night…laughing and hugging….the things parents should always take the time to do with their kids….Tomorrow….we will start with an agenda…..and I hope it will always turn into God’s agenda……that we are patient and spirit filled enough to change plans to fit His plan…..

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