He commanded us to go!

He commanded us to go!

Our day began at 4:00 am at the airport with 21 of us flying out of Nashville (5 who drove 3 hours from Knoxville and 1 from Georgia). . and meeting up with 11 more of our team in Houston. . (6 from Ohio and 5 from Oklahoma who traveled on Tuesday and spent the night in Houston). Excitement was in the air and everyone could hardly wait to get to Honduras! 
We have 6 on this team who have traveled with us before and I believe they were even more excited than the ones who had never been. . it never ceases to amaze me to see their hearts in their eyes as they speak about seeing the people they fell in love with a year ago when they were there. . the energy is contagious as they share stories and remember funny things from their prior trips. . it continues to enlarge the flame that is already ignited and burning in all of us. . 
You would think by now. . . after all of our trips. . Ty and I would become numb to the excitement. . it would become like a job. . . mundane and routine. . . but no. . . it is the people who have answered the command to GO. . that continually gives us a new burst of excitement each and every time. . . add that to the precious faces we see when we arrive. . at the airport. . the hotel. . Copprome Orphanage . . and the village of Olivos. . they are waiting with open arms to hug and love on the Americans who have come to work alongside them. . to cherish every moment we have with them. . there are tears of joy when we arrive and tears of sadness when we leave. . .but we always thirst for more. . more time to serve. . more time to teach about a God who loves us all so much that He brought us together as 1 family. . His family. . oh yes. . the fire is burning and the excitement is overwhelming as we learn more each time we come about loving the way that Christ loves us. . . this sweet team is ready to serve!

We had a quick lunch after checking into our hotel and went to Olivos and Copprome for the team to meet all the people they will be working with. . the ones who have been before were sweetly and quickly reunited with the friends they made last year. . .and the new team members followed right behind and immediately begin bonding and forming relationships. . .

yep. . it’s going to be a great week!

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