Guest Blog by T. Price

Guest Blog by T. Price

Break the circle of poverty, one child at a time.

Poverty comes in many forms. A lack of; shelter, funds to attend school, family, affirmation, even food or work all are forms of poverty. But a lack of hope prevents many from even considering that poverty is not a given. The fight against poverty occurs in some form on every trip. H2H is accepted by young and old alike at the Nutrition Center, Orphanage, LL21 school and Suyapa. Infants are held and fed at the Nutrition Center, orphans clothed, fed, celebrated and housed, and children with and without special needs provided an education, tutored, taught about Christ, even medical care and construction projects are parts of the mission of H2H.

After five trips to Honduras with H2H I have dug foundations, held babies, fed them, played soccer, attended worship in Suyapa, visited schools, read with and played with the children and celebrated their birthdays. You also meet incredible people on these trips. Not just Hondurans but the people you work with on each trip. The H2H volunteers are from across the country of all ages and skills, each with a desire to give hope and tangible help to those with few resources.

On my first trip I helped dig foundations, mix concrete and wire rebar for construction of Pastor Carlos house. Each day there were children at the work site, which was next door to the education/worship center built a year before. One of those children was maybe four years old, full of energy and ready to get into everything. He came to the Wednesday night service and sat with me. Sat is not an accurate description of his attendance. He sat in my lap, took my hat and sunglasses, wrestled, sang and finally rode on my shoulders. We played soccer at the military base with thirty other children the next day. He and I became inseparable and that has continued to this day. My wife and I not only sponsor Jonathan but have added his sister Maylin and brother Jocson. They are fortunate to have great parents that care for them but without funds for school they would be in that circle of poverty that needs to be broken.

The love that Jonathan, his siblings and parents have for me breaks a circle of my poverty.

Change happens over time. It is never instantaneous. The circle of poverty is being addressed by establishing relationships that fuel change in individuals young and old. H2H travels to Honduras with teams of volunteers almost every six weeks throughout the year. Many volunteers are making repeat trips, renewing old relationships and beginning new ones.

H2H approaches its objective by being present on a regular basis in the lives of the children and active with the support organizations that serve them. Book a trip, you may find that the poverty of the U.S. culture is broken by those you went to serve.

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