Future Teachers with kind hearts and big plans!

Future Teachers with kind hearts and big plans!

Our first trip of 2015 was a really great way to start the year. . We have felt God leading us the past 14 months to focus more on educating children in Honduras. . This will really change their circle of poverty and help them make a difference in their communities. . . We started our education sponsorships in 2012 with the children at Copprome Orphanage and in 2014 expanded that to include 70+ children in “at risk” villages.

So. . What does God do?. . (probably to make sure I understood. . . You see I pray daily that God will show us unquestionably our mission. . So there is no confusion and no human motives) He brought us a group of college students and professors from the University of Scranton! Not JUST students. . But education majors. . Future teachers. . .well if that is not an absolutely clear message . . I don’t know what is. . .

So. . We had an amazing. . Joy filled. . Educational. . Fun. . Cultural trip. . One like we have never experienced before. . We were able to go into a Bi-lingual school. . One which we actually have 2 students at from our a Restoration Education program. . And take a tour. . Talk to the administrator. . Talk with the man who started it all. . And even observe in the classrooms. . . At the end, they invited us to come back the next day and tutor their students in reading English! It was so cool to sit with the kids of all different levels and help them with English. . It was even cooler to watch these future teachers smile with excitement as they helped these sweet children read!

They also spent a morning at Copprome Orphanage doing learning centers for the kids. . This is the holiday season for the public school system in Honduras. . So the kids were not very excited about learning centers. . But once they got involved and could see what was being taught and the energy and love being poured out. . . the kids got excited and loved every moment!

We are also in the process of building our first learning center in the Barrio Suyapa. . We spent lots of time there with the children and even did some construction work. . . We are so excited about all of the classes and homework help we plan to offer. . The team was able to discuss with us what educational plans we have and give us some great ideas and insight for it. . .

Yes. . These future teachers are going to make lots of schools look good with their kind hearts and desires to make a difference. .
They made a huge impact on all of us. . We cannot wait to do it again in 2016!






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