Excitement Overload…Love, Love, Love…I still believe in you!

Excitement Overload…Love, Love, Love…I still believe in you!

Jana with Olivos kids her camera
Warner Music Group country recording artist Jana Kramer came with us to El Progreso, Honduras in January of this year to film her music video for her new single “Love”. . . This song was released on Monday of this past week! The video features the village of Olivos that we have been working in for over 3 years. .I have to say it was such an amazing and fun week!!! Jana was trying to “work” filming her video…but all along falling madly in love with the kids in Honduras…she would actually cut from filming to go and hug a child who was watching or spot a sweet mom and make eye contact with her…she was as natural and honest as anyone we have ever taken to Honduras…and we have taken over 300 people there in the past 4 years….We fell in love with Jana as a person while she was falling in love with the people of Honduras and our ministry there! We are honored and blessed to have her partner with us to “break the circle of poverty one child at a time”…her passion is children…it is very clear when you see her hugging and kissing on them…as she hugs them it is as gentle and passionate as you will ever see….she is a precious addition to the Hearts2Honduras family!!!
Jana with Olivos kids

The people in the village have gone from living in lean to’s (a shelter nailed together from other peoples discarded trash) to having concrete homes of their own. . A village which was once filled with hopelessness is now filled with joy and the confidence to build their own future. . Their basic needs are supplied. . Water and shelter. . They now have a school and a church . . So each family feels a sense of community. .
Miley on a stump>

And I must tell you that after 3 years of living with and loving these families. . They are honestly like family to us. . We love them and cherish the time we have with them. . It is so amazing to see their joy and excitement as groups come in to serve beside them. . They teach us what pure relational joy is all about. . Community living in the most basic sense. . It is a beautiful thing. .

2014-01-10 15.17.30

As I watched 2 women this past week mend their relationship over a silly squabble about where their new house would be built. . I was reminded how money can be the root of all evil. . They had no problems when they were just helping each other survive. . But when faced with a decision about land and houses. . Feelings of worldly and human nature take over. . Let us not Americanize these sweet people. . They teach us humility and thankfulness. . May we help them in their futures. . But not taint them with our overvalued STUFF. . May they “rub off” on us much more than we “rub off” on them. . Watch the video. . https://www.youtube.com/user/janakramermusic You will understand a little more. . And then travel with us to see the BIG PICTURE!
Again….thank you Jana Kramer, Warner Music Group and Kathryn Woodard with Hill Entertainment Group.
Jana with our group

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