Emotional Day!

Emotional Day!

This is the last day for most of our group…5 of us are not returning until Saturday so we will spend tomorrow shopping for food for Copprome…the other 23 will return home to TN and GA….
We began the day at the grocery store buying food to give out to Olivos families for Easter! We then went to Olivos… sorted food…layed some block…did our final VBS and then had lunch..
NEXT…we met together with the families of Olivos to share communion together.  It was such a sweet sweet time…..We gave out the grape juice and bread….Nate and Tino read scripture in English and Spanish and we shared Christ’s story together…..we took the bread and the cup “in remembrance of Him”.  It was a time we were all one.. As Nate said…we may look different..and live on different continents…but in God’s eyes…we are all the same!  We then gave each family a bag of food and goodies..

Saying goodbye is always tough….tears were shed by our team and by the people of Olivos…they told us they are the happiest when we are here with our teams…our teams get so comfortable working alongside these sweet families…it is hard to imagine not waking up and seeing them tomorrow..

Ty and I will be back in 3 weeks with Dr.’s, Dentists, nurses and pharmicists…we will have an amazing medical team to take care of 4 villages including Olivos and Copprome Orphanage…so for us….it is “we will see you in 3 weeks”…but for the rest of our team…it is tough!

Then off to the orphanage to do our final VBS there….again….the good bye’s were tough…watching the tears and the team question when they can return to see these precious kids they have fallen in love with…I remember just 3 years ago the feelings I had…and it still brings me pain to think about leaving and not knowing when I will return…thankfully the Lord has blessed me with the resources to return every 4 or 5 weeks…I just work lots of hours in between so I can return….it is worth all of the late nights working….just to return….to hear them chanting my name….running to me with arms in the air…with smiles on their faces as they ask what night is the birthday party….when are we going swimming…can we sing Yo Tengo Gozo?

Yes….it is worth all the hard work to come back….to give and receive unconditional love from these precious kids and families in Honduras….they are all just an extension of our families in the states…Ty and I love every moment!

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