Double Teamed

Double Teamed

United airlines decided to cancel their early morning flights from Nashville to Houston in January. . Which was frustrating. . It meant we had to get hotel rooms overnight in Houston. . Which is expensive and troublesome . . . you have to recheck bags and go through security twice. . . But. . We were blessed by this seemingly stressful change. . . You see. . Last November we traveled with an amazing team and it just so happened that one couple owns a home in Houston. . . Coincidence. . Never. . God always has it taken care of. . They invited Shelton and I to stay with them instead of getting a hotel. . . Stating “we are family now”. . . Not only did they transport us to and from the airport. . . we stayed at their beautiful home. . We had sushi. . Toured through the city. . Went bowling. . Played pool. . And ate at a fantastic Mexican restaurant where we met a sweet lady from San Pedro Sula, Honduras that this couple had known for a long time. . My how God connects us and weaves things through our lives that fit together. . So. . What a cool blessing staying overnight in Houston turned out to be!


Hearts2Honduras is more than a nonprofit company working in Honduras. . . It brings people together from all over the world and bonds hearts and souls with the connection of love and serving. . . When you serve together, there are no barriers. . No fake intentions. . Just genuine “what can we do to help?” Honest and sincere intentions. . . It brings out the best in all of us. . Sometimes our best is something we have never experienced or felt. . Because it lives inside our soul and spirit. . Something we can’t really explain. . Because it is put there by our Creator. . I believe some people never relax and open up enough to feel it. . But being with a team. . Serving. . Loving. . Giving. . It just appears. . His spirit. . It is there. . .And it feels so amazing. . . It’s what we were created for. . . It is what we should depend on. .

I am so excited about the 2 teams we are privileged to serve with this month. . A sweet group of teachers and students from the University of Scranton . . .. . followed by a team from all over the US and Australia who will be serving beside Jana Kramer. . .

God continues to amaze and bless us all through H2H trips. . . Me, Shelton and our team on the ground in Progreso are honored to lead and serve with these kind servants. . . lets do this Team Scranton!


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