Day 2 God created Honduras and hats to prove it

Day 2 God created Honduras and hats to prove it

So we started the day with ham and cheese omelets and everyone on the team shared the reason why they wanted to come on this trip… and off we went  to Copprome for our first work day! The  day  started off slow trying to get everything organized…..but, we were able to paint lots of walls and sand the shutters. We did have a little bit of shock when the electric company showed up to turn off the electricty because the electricty hadnt been paid in two months.

Yes… electricty is very expensive here and paying the bill is always a difficult task. Faithfully, everything was resolved and the bill was taken care of…  And now our prayer is that hearts2honduras will be able to not only buy food on a monthly basis, but also cover the electric bill in the future. If we can help them take care of the necessities…. maybe these sweet children can learn how to not only surivive in life but make a huge difference in the world that we live in.   We then came back to the hotel, took showers and headed back to Copprome for VBS! We talked about creation and how much God loves all of us. We made visors and tiaras and decorated them with foam stickers including letters and animals and trees..  After they were all done they wore their little hats around proudly.  Shelton got a soccer game going with all of the older kids.

Once leaving Copprome we headed to the mall and all had a really nice dinner at Applebees. It was really great to get to know everyone in a relaxed environment.  We look forward to what work day #2 will bring!!!

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