Building a village

Building a village

As I sit here tonight…just one week before going back to Honduras…I am amazed at all God is doing to prepare us for the 2012 mission trips!! We left Honduras in August with our last mission team of 2011 knowing that we had lots more work to do…

God wants us to “build a village” in Mt Olivos and He wants us to “take care of the orphans” at Copprome.  OKAY….WE ARE READY!!! Now what?  WELL…..He is continuing to plan and grow all of us for 2012…How? You say???

Hearts2honduras now has the monthly income to support the orphanage by paying the electric bill and buying food and supplies for the kids…we have yearly support for all of the kids to pay for their education: buying school uniforms, books and supplies….we knew everyone who went to Honduras was “in love” with all of the kids at Copprome….I mean…come on….who in the world would not be??

But God had given us another project…Mount Olivos…a poor community who had basically been dropped out on property too far from town to work or to even look for a way to survive….They were broken and hopeless….it seemed that life was just not fair and they were barely surviving…But when sweet Sister Teresita introduced them to us…we knew we had to help…my  brother said “ we will build a well, they have to have water, we can’t leave them like this”….so within a couple of  months he had raised the money to build the well and then …..the Holy Spirit absolutely showed up!!! The people of Mt Olivos were joyous and saw hope for the first time in a very long time…they celebrated under the water tank with the water just sprinkling over them….it truly appeared to be living water!! We also met Riley….who lives in North Carolina and he seemed to have the same heart as my brother for Mt. Olivos…He had also raised money to build the well…but when he got to Mt Olivos…the well was already built!! So he donated the money to buy the PVC pipe to run the water to all of the homesites in the village…We have partnered with him to help build this village…how cool is it that God can introduce us to each other at the Casa Blanca Hotel in El Progreso, Honduras?  There are no accidents…it was all meant to be…His plan…

So now…we build a community center (the Catholic church in El Progreso donated the supplies)…and for 2012 our prayer has been to build 30 homes for the sweet families who live there…we need to raise $90,000…wow…I have been thrilled with the $30,000 we have brought in to help Copprome and Mt Olivos the past few months… so $90,000 seemed huge…but not when God is behind it…huge is nothin’!!!….looks like we already have half of the money pledged and we haven’t really been asking yet…

The city of El Progreso has pledged $30,000 of it which is absolutely unheard of!!! YES…God can move even a small poor city when He desires….So we continue to pray for the rest of the funding for the village and who knows what else is in the works…there are families right now  raising money to donate $3000 to build a small home for a needy family….blended hearts…serving in a way that gives the poor and the orphans hope…. that, my friends, is Christ’s love pouring out abundantly….don’t miss it!
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