Adoption and Christmas 2012 in Honduras!

Adoption and Christmas 2012 in Honduras!

I sit here 6 days after returning from a week in Honduras where so much happened my heart and brain are still trying to soak it all in…there is a lot to share…so bare with me… First of all let me share the CHRISTmas spirit we all experienced! Most of you know we spent 3 weeks raising money for the kids in Copprome and the families in Olivos so they could all receive Christmas gifts this year…from 147 Million Orphans …Hearts2Honduras… friends… sponsors…partners…etc…well….as usual you all came through with flying colors!! The budget was met and the gifts were all bought!! Lisa, Ty, Lori, Barbara, Shelton, Gaby, Gabriel and I laughed and cheered as we shopped, packaged and sorted all of the gifts! I am not gonna lie…there were some stressful moments determining what to put in what child’s bag…just making sure everyone received the same type of things per age no one was jealous or hurt..Can you imagine buying for over 100 kids? Yep…that is what we did…so…though there were some stressful moments…most of them were filled with joy and excitement as we loaded up our sleigh (van) with all the gifts and headed to the parties! (This will definitely be a yearly trip…the week after Thanksgiving…Christmas in Honduras…so if you want to participate next year…let us know! It is such an exciting week!)

We had the Olivos party in the afternoon (before dark) and the Copprome Orphanage party at night (after they ate dinner). Fun was had by all!!! Santa wasn’t there…but we were in our Santa, Reindeer, and Jester (Shelton and Gabriel) hats!!! We were definitely filled with CHRISTmas joy!! The Copprome kids and the Olivos kids all received at least one outfit and toys that were age appropriate…they ranged from jewelry to big wheels..frisbees to futball jerseys…bead and glitter kits to battery operated robots and cars….even a TV for the oldest boys…all kids were thrilled with their goodies!! The adults at Copprome received a monetary gift so they could have food on their table or presents under their trees…The adults at Olivos received a mountain bike and Build 1 tshirts! (Now, let me just say the mountain bike was an amazing gift!! My brother Ty’s brilliant idea…for them, it was like they received a car…as we left their party they all got on their bikes and escorted us out…it was such a sweet sweet moment!! We were giggling like kids in the van as we left feeling like it was an ET moment! ) It was an exhilarating day for all of us and we felt blessed to be a part of it! So, again…thank you for contributing to make this CHRISTmas experience for the Honduras kids and families special…oh..and of course, we DID sing Happy Birthday to Jesus BEFORE we opened the gifts!!!

  The trip also brought some personal experiences for our family…As most of you know, we as a family have felt very strongly that Gaby and Gabriel are supposed to be in our family…Gaby graduated from High School while we were there and Shelton and I were acknowledged as her mom and brother…it was a sweet ceremony and then we threw her a graduation party at a new restaurant there…the electricity was out…so we ate by candle light..she said it was the best day she had ever lived!!! Back in October, we applied for a tourist VISA for Gaby and she was denied…it was such a sad day as we skyped and cried together…so while I was there, we met with an attorney about it…she told me we could adopt Gaby and Gabriel by Honduran law…she then sent us to the child services judge to confirm…and she said yes!! The kids, Shelton and I were all so excited…we even started calling Gaby Gabyianne so she could have mine, Mandi’s and nan’s middle name….So, then I am ecstatic and realize that Gaby not getting a VISA was God’s way of showing me He had a bigger plan for us than just a visit to the US…So we are all happy and joy is overflowing the rest of the trip…We do Christmas with Gaby and Gabriel and they love their presents…we moved Gaby into the mission house with Shelton so she can begin to be independent and learn to live as an adult… So..I return to the U.S. happy and feeling a little overwhelmed about all I need to do..home study…etc

… and then I hear from an attorney friend of mine that the U.S. will not allow adoptions over the age of 15 unless it is a family member…WHAT??? So, I can adopt them in Honduras….but they cannot live with me in the U.S.?? My thoughts….I want to adopt whole family WANTS THEM TO BE IN OUR FAMILY.. so adopting them in Honduras makes that happen…it shows them that we love them and want to take care of them….but what if I can never get them here? Can that really happen? That they are mine in every way except they can never live with us? I guess…that is God’s job…to deliver His plan..I mean He would have never allowed me to fall so deeply in love with them if He didn’t want them here with me? RIGHT?? FAITH…it is a scary but fantastic thing…TRUST is part of faith…Johnny, Shelton, Mandi and I just have to keep praying and have faith and trust that HE has this all worked out… I will be meeting with an adoption attorney in the US just to make sure there are no loopholes and to make sure we do things the right way… BUT THOSE KIDS ARE OURS!!!!!!!!!!!…Just sayin….Gabianne and Gabriel longer abandoned…no longer orphans…I think God will work it all out…

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