A trip full of new beginnings!

A trip full of new beginnings!

This past week has been such an amazing week of new opportunities. . God gave us a glimpse of His path for us for the next 2 years! It is a story of being open to conversations with strangers. . Conversations with people God puts in your path for a reason. . If we aren’t willing to begin these conversations. . We may miss His blessings. . We may miss the path that He is laying before us. .

So. . This story begins with a security guard in the parking lot of the mini mall in El Progreso. . Shelton, my son who is also our American on the ground, would give a quick wave or nod to this same security guard every time he drove by. . Which then turned into a “Hola. . Como esta?” Then one day the guard asked this gringo “what do you do here?” . . Shelton shared a little about Hearts2Honduras and the guard shared with Shelton his story. . . He and his brother, who is a pastor, started a children’s church in an area where lots of kids grow up with no hope. . No self worth and no knowledge of their creator. . He said they would love for us to visit. .

So. . We ran into him last week. . He invited us to come and meet the kids. . It was one of those decisions you make in total faith. . Shelton said ” I think we should go and see” . . I said ok. . I totally trust your insight. . . If you feel led to do this. . Let’s go!  So he arranged for us to come meet the kids on Friday night. . This is not a regular church night, but he wanted to introduce us. . So we went to Pizza Hut for dinner and he met us there to lead us to the Barrio Suapa. . We had no idea what to expect. . We drove there through winding roads and it was really dark. . (As my sweet Gabriel said.. . . mom, it’s really dark here) I must say. . I told everyone to stay in the vans until Shelton checked it out. . He was motioning for us all to follow him. . So we pile out of our vans and follow in through a gate. . What we found was mesmerizing. . Sweet. . Honest. . And oh so peaceful. . About 40-50 well behaved kids gathered around with smiles on their faces and Pastor Carlos with a huge grin welcoming us.  .



We had a night none of us will ever forget. . It started with all of us introducing ourselves as Pastor Carlos spoke with Shelton interpreting. . There was laughter and praise as he described their church as a place to transform the future of children. . He was overflowing with excitement as Shelton shared with him our slogan “breaking the circle of poverty one child at a time”on the back of our shirts. . . We were supposed to be there working with these precious kids. . Helping them see their future through the eyes of Jesus. .he told us he had been on his knees praying for us to come for 2 years. . We sang and danced as the kids shouted our names and begged us to lead them in songs. . All of us left there with a renewed spirit . . Promising we would return. . At the end, as we were saying our goodbyes. . A lady came up to me and looked me in the face as she smiled and shouted with joy as she recognized me. . When I realized who she was, I screamed her name and hugged her as my eyes filled with tears. . . This was conformation to me that we were called to this place. . Laney. . My friend who I buy bulk food for Copprome from twice a month. . She and her husband and her sister and her husband own a small market in town. . 2 years ago I started buying from them. . Her sweet husband delivers it to Copprome at no charge. . Everytime I go and see them we hug and catch up on our families as if we have known each other for years. . Now I had been lead to her families church. . Coincidence? I don’t think so. .

We promised them we would be back for church on Sunday night. . And it was the same sweet feeling. . Singing. . Dancing and praising Jesus. . What a sweet church we have found. . I can hardly wait to go back and introduce our groups to them!

My sweet friend Crystal has a heart for clothing children. . She and her mom and friend Kimberly brought enough clothes on this trip that we were able to do clothing drives at Olivos, La Corrosa and at the new church in Suapa!

La Corrosa is the new village we are working with. . This sweet hard working group of people live way out in the middle of a Palm orchard. . In broken down houses. . No water. . They save rain water to drink and when heavy rains come. . Their houses fill with water and they lose everything. . They are then evacuated temporarily. . and then sent back to start all over again. . We are partnering with Humanity and Hope United (a nonprofit who also worked with us in Olivos) to build them a village adjoined with Olivos. . We are planning to start this project in 2015. . . We are currently raising funds in our Bucks2Build campaign. .

La Corrosa group

This was an amazing trip filled with lots of adventure and renewal. . We are so excited about the vision God has given us. . . Come on. . Travel with us and see what He is doing in this sweet place! You will be oh so glad you did!

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