A day in Olivos with Pastor’s Jay and Luis

A day in Olivos with Pastor’s Jay and Luis

When we arrived at Olivos today it was unusually quiet.  The hustle and bustle of the 147 team was obviously absent.  A little activity was happening back at the two houses that are being prepared for roofs, so Luis, Raul and I went to join in the fun of lifting blocks and making concerto.

After working up a good sweat, I slipped up to the car and poked my head into the school room to find everyone hard at work.
Hearing a call for help, we rushed over to find that a kitchen remodel was taking place and the clay oven was too heavy for one person to lift.  The remodel looks great!

After a quick stop by one of the homes to make sure all of the children were up, we played a game of “How many kids can get on Raul”.

After all the fun, the excitement began, except for the dog who fell asleep in the middle of Luis’ teaching!
More than 35 people gathered outside the school. Most brought their seats from home to hear Luis teach the truth of Jesus.  The time together was full of fellowship and love.  The Spirit of God stirred our hearts through worship.
Laughter filled the air and tears flowed down our cheeks.
Two more young men repented of their sins and turned
their lives over to Jesus. Eight said that they want to
be baptized tomorrow. As a group they discussed
where they would be baptized, and the decision was made to walk up to where the creek gets deep.  

After an incredible day, we decided to go to the mall and eat.  Pollos was closed.  

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