8 hours and counting!!

8 hours and counting!!

So…the time is finally here for our first Hearts2honduras mission teams to go and “make a difference”!! In less than 8 hours we will meet at the airport for a week that will change our lives!!

I must say this is quite a dream come true for me…I knew last July when God introduced Shelton and I to Copprome Orphanage our lives would never be the same…what I did not know was that….everyday I would see the kids faces and yearn to go back…..I would bubble over talking about it to the point my own kids sometimes roll their eyes…I would want everyone I meet to go and meet my new kids and friends…
Yes…I never knew it would change my life in a way that I cannot explain…waking up daily..my purpose is to help them help themselves. Every penny I spend…I think about what they do not have…

OH Yes…God truly did a number on me last summer….and my prayer is that He uses these trips to positively love and encourage all who experience these precious people that God has placed in our path! If you are reading this and have any desire to go….please do it…I promise you will never regret it!!
Stay tuned for daily blogs over the next week!! May God bless you all as you serve wherever you are!!

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