We began our last full day in Progreso with everyone ready to hit the ground running!  The medical team was planning to hit 2 or 3 villages and began at Villa, which is right down from Olivos….this village was begun 8 years ago by a guy who has become a friend of Shelton’s…..It now has a school, an orphanage and lots of houses.  The Doctors and nurses all said the illnesses out there were very different from Olivos…most of their problems were high blood pressure and high blood sugar….where as Olivos was lots of malnutrition based problems and skin ailments…We are praying that Olivos will be a strong thriving village within 2 years!    Toward the end of the morning at Villas after treating lots of patients, a lady came in who was really sick…high fever…hallucinating… passing out….the Docs put her in a cab with Nando and sent her to the hospital praying she would make it….We are all wondering how she is today….Shelton will check with his friend this week to make sure she is better…. After treating all who needed it, the team picked up and moved to another village just down the dirt road and spent a few hours treating people there…by this time, word was out that there were doctors coming and people were lined up…..After everyone was seen there….they headed up into the mountains to treat a village there…The team said the drive up there was scary and breath taking….It was a beautiful view of God’s creation…they loved the people there and vowed to go back! Yes….go back…this team has agreed to do 2 medical trips per year…they are tagging with Ohio State Medical School which comes in December and June..our team will come in March and September so these sweet people will get Doctors and nurses every 3 months….and for the chronic patients…they will get the medicine they need and 2 teams of doctors who are working together to ease their pain and give them relief!!   SO….KUDOS to Dr Steve who felt the nudge to come do a medical missions after he and his family came on a trip with us in June….his friend, another Dr. Steve….our nurses Candi (NP), Natalie and Lorie….our ‘medicine givers’ Dan, Marshall and Kimberli…..Lisa who assisted Candi by pricking fingers for blood sugar levels and checked urine cultures… our interpreters Leo, her friend, Lola and even Henry for 1 day…and thanks to Lola and Shelton for getting things ready before we arrived….and of course, the leader…Ty who got everyone where they were supposed to be and made sure the needs were met!   Shelton, Nan and I helped do whatever we could by helping set up, get lunches and tear down…But most of our time was spent doing Copprome business… We now have all the kids at Copprome sponsored which means we have more money for food than we ever have!!! The freezer was empty and the cupboard bare…but no more…after 2 days of shopping…the freezer is now full and the shelves stocked!!! We bought over 300lbs of meat…..powdered milk and cereal for a month….bread…produce…pasta…300lbs of beans…..and the list goes on and on….The kids also needed socks and underwear…so we even went shoppping for that…yes…this was a successfull 4 days!!!!                                                                                Roatan to rest is next!!! me, nan, Shelton, Gaby and Gabriel…their first vacation…our first visit to Roatan..look for pics on  facebook when we return!!!

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