2013 mission team #3 Final day

2013 mission team #3 Final day

8 days together really bonds a team. . we will wake up Thursday morning missing each other. .


Today was a special day and a sad one. . we did food drives for Olivos and Copprome. . I gave each family a couple of items to find in the grocery store. . they had to load up about 30 of each and bring to the cash register for me to buy. . we did that twice today. . in the morning for Olivos and afternoon for Copprome. . we had lots of fun buying everything together!
Delivering the food was even better. . the people of Olivos were so happy to get their food donations but so sad to see us go. . I know that us working in the village alongside them is fun for them and they look forward to the inter action each day. . it is hard for them to say goodbye. . through tears and hugs we get into the vans. . .


Then we shopped and delivered the food to Copprome. . they are always thrilled when we get their food monthly and it was so much easier for me having so much help. . we gained 2 more monthly sponsers this trip so we were all excited. . then our goodbyes and hugs to the kids at Copprome and off to JR’s for dinner and a surprise baby shower fo Raul. . it is always a great meal. . and then back to the hotel for our final devo and share time. . lots of sweet testimonies and sweet words about the Holy Spirit and how He was continuously present this week. . I think when we slow our lives down long enough to serve. . we feel His presence more. . He is always with us. . we are just too busy to notice. . below are some thoughts from a couple of teens on the trip:


Although the last day here is always the hardest, today’s goodbyes came with peace and contentment. We have learned that “goodbye” is not the way to leave anymore; a “see you later” is more of the truth. The relationships we have built this week will forever be in our hearts and we are so grateful to be able to be a part of such a life changing experience. round 4 anyone?! 🙂 NOSOTROS AMAMOS HONDURAS!!!
-Callie and Katie

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