2013 mission team #4 day 6

2013 mission team #4 day 6

This day began as a normal workday . . But was filled with lots of twists and turns. . . We had breakfast and headed to Olivos to work. .
After about an hour of work, a man showed up and started asking Ty questions about the village. . Ty keeps telling the people there that they are going to be a light on a hill. . Shining God’s spirit. . And today. . The man had heard about what we were doing and he wanted help to do something similar. . .Word is getting around that Olivos is thriving. . They are making a difference in Progresso. .
Then all of a sudden. . Anna comes running up with sweet Johanna. . Out cold again. . We put her in the van with the a/c on and tried to get some juice and gummy bears down her. . Pastor Luis (who arrived last night. . he is a pastor from a hispanic church we helped plant in Franklin, TN) began praying over her and she finally woke up.


After lunch, we had VBS and the women’s prayer group again. Today the women prayed for us! They then prayed for each other and promised to get together every Sunday at 2 and pray together!
Keicy from the transition program came to Olivos today to cut hair. . She did 20 haircuts!
Then we clipped the three little girls hair who live next door to the village. They are covered in lice and their scalps were in terrible shape.  We had Keicy and Lori from our team clip their hair so I could wash their scalps in lice rid shampoo. . It was terrible. . The oldest screamed during her haircut. . But I held her down because it had to be done. They are always playing in Olivos and even go to school there. . so in order to try to keep lice from spreading in the village. . We had to get this done. . It was tough. .


Then to Copprome Orphanage for a great VBS lead by our Knoxville group from Grace Baptist Church. . Then back to the hotel for pizza and a Happy Birthday to Ken!


While we were at Copprome, Pastor Jay and Luis stayed at Olivos and did a Bible study with the men there. . 5 accepted Christ.. . Woohoo! . This village is becoming a community filled with His spirit and it is awesome to be a part of!

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