Love and Learn 21 Program

Love and Learn 21 Partner- $21.00/month
Corporate or Family partnerships for Love and Learn 21, please use the paypal button below.


Copprome Orphanage

Your donation will provide monies for tuition, uniforms, supplies, books and backpacks for the children of Copprome Orphanage. This fund is set up for all levels of education including University and Trade Schools.

Restoration Education

This program is designed to provide education and leadership for the children in orphanages and “at risk” communities: El Barrio Suyapa, Mount Olivos Village and Companado Village.  Your donation provides school supplies, tuition aid, teachers pay, tutoring, and helping to maintain the educational buildings. This is vital for the future of these children.

Read here for more info on Restoration Education

Christmas Campaign

Your donations will provide the communities we serve with Christmas celebrations including gifts and food!

Thank you so much for helping us fund this ministry!

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Sponsorship Recurring Donations


THANK YOU to Carefull Candles for donating $1 for every candle they sell to our mission!! If you love candles, you will love these! Click on the link below to order yours now!!