Thank you so much for supporting this ministry! Our hearts have truly been called to Honduras. . . But we could never do it without all of your support. . We would love for you to partner with us and walk alongside us as we work to break the circle of poverty one child at a time.

How You Can Help

Just like the wise men. . .

This team worked and played hard this past week. . Our goal was to bless 200 children and families with toys, clothes and food. . . As usual. . That goal was surpassed because of all of you who prayed. . donated money. . and donated time. Our first day was spent organizing all of the toys and gifts making sure that we were

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A surprise ending. .

The past 11 days have been full of love, laughter, and exciting events! From meeting a great new team. . Beginning the construction on the Will Smith Learning Center . . . Gabriel’s graduation and getting a partial scholarship to attend the University as an accounting major. . .then saying goodbye with tears in our eyes yesterday (Gaby and I, of course). . .

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