About Us

In July of 2010, I, Rhonda Wicks, and my son, Shelton Wicks, traveled to El Progreso, Honduras to visit Copprome Children’s Home.  Though we had been serving in Mexico and in different cities in the US for over 10 years, Honduras proved to be a place that God began to speak loudly and clearly to us.  We fell madly in love with the children at Copprome Orphanage and committed to help give them a brighter future by providing food and paying for their education expenses! During our visit we were also introduced to a very poor community named Monte De Olivos. These were the poorest people we had ever come in contact with.  God commanded us that once we had seen….we cannot turn our backs. So, along with helping Copprome…we also committed to help this hurting community have a brighter future. We have finished the last 3 homes (31 total with the help of 2 other nonprofits) and are continuing to listen to what God has for us next…

In March of 2012, Shelton decided to move to Honduras in order to run our ministry “on the ground.” He made a huge impact on the people there and created a trust and strong relationships with the Hondurans. He lived there for 2.5 years and now travels back and forth helping with projects, trips and fundraising. His presence in Honduras is part of what has made this ministry successful!

We have committed to fund education programs and schooling for over 100 children located in “at risk” areas in El Progreso …Restoration Education! We built a learning center in Suyapa in 2015 with a grant from The Will Smith Foundation, where we do spiritual education and tutoring for the children in our Restoration Education program. 

We started a groundbreaking education program for people with Down syndrome in 2016, Love and Learn 21, and are very excited about changing the hearts and minds of the people in El Progreso! This program has been a huge success and we are thrilled with the results! We use two classrooms at The Stanza Bi-Lingual school and are starting to integrate some of the children in the classrooms with typically developing students.

We currently bring teams of people/families to El Progreso to help these communities flourish by working alongside them and funding programs that will give them hope of a better tomorrow! Won’t you join us in making a difference in the lives of these wonderful people?